About Us

Hidden Corners has been established for over 5 years with all our statues produced at our premises in East Devon. We also don’t just produce high quality reconstituted stone statues, we create Magical Sculptures for the home & garden that are brimming with detail, thought and style.

Everything about our business is ‘Made in England’ – and all our products are cast lovingly by hand at our premises in Devon with attention to detail second to none.

Our greatest strength is the eye-catching nature and immediate customer appeal that all our characters have and remain very affordable with excellent value for money.

We are continuously adding to our range, so keep an eye on our website to meet new characters as they are born.

Our original designs and careful planning of each sculpture means we create statues that are striking, interesting and extremely detailed. Each time you see them you’ll notice something else in the detail.

Durability and Strength:
Weather and frost resistance are enhanced by the high-density surface finish. Our well established production process provides maximum strength and faithful reproduction. We cast in silicone moulds in order to ensure perfect detail and consistency - quality is built into every statue.

All orders are packed in strong cardboard boxes and suspended in void to ensure their safe journey to you.